Formula Giving raises money for the Vimala Boarding School and Dermatological Centre in Mumbai, India.

Caring for one kid costs 600 to 800 Euro per year. This includes all food, clothes, education, accommodation and expenses. The Vimala is going through financial difficulties and the crisis of recent years is taking a toll on them as well. Formula Giving aims to raise 2000 Euro with the race, which would mean saving the life of two kids and providing them with a future.

While Formula Giving: Race for Vimala is a simracing event, donations from anyone are more than welcome! 

For more information on the Vimala Boarding School and Dermatological Centre, click here.

A Formula Giving representative visits the place in Mumbai roughly each year. All the donated money will therefore go directly to the Vimala. No intermediaries, no expenses, overheads or whatever.


Below is a thank you from the kids to the simracers and anyone that donated during the first “Formula Giving: Race for Vimala” in 2018, which raised over 2300 euro for the Vimala!